This is the privacy policy we follow here at Gifted Art and All Day Games. We value your right to privacy and to opt-out of any data processing we do with your personal data. Before we process your personal info we will ask you for permission first. By posting any comments on this site you acknowledge that the info you enter to identify yourself will be displayed publicly and be searchable by search engines.
By sending me an email using the contact form you understand that the info you enter to identify yourself will be sent across the internet in an insecure format. I will then save that email until you request that I delete all info associated with your account.
– We will use your personal information to provide you with the services available on this website.
– We will also use your email address to send you emails regarding our services including updates and new features.
– We will never sell or even share your email address with third-parties for the purpose of marketing or other purposes. However we may be forced to disclose your personal info to law enforcement authorities when requested as part of an investigation.
COOKIES: This website uses cookies to handle registration and login. By using this website you consent to the storage of our cookies in your browser. Once you opt out of our use of your personal info, delete the cookies associated with this domain and we will delete your account with us.
NOTE: We try not to include third-party cookies on this website to minimize the chance that other companies can track your activities. If you find code on this website that allows third-party trackers please let me know so we can remove them.
WordPress Cookies: Because this site is hosted by WordPress then you should be aware that they have their own privacy policy that you should be aware of. You must agree to that policy if you wish to continue to use this site or others hosted on their service.
If you would like to exercise your “Right to Object” and opt out of our use of your personal info, then email me at and specify the email address associated with the account and I will get to it right away. I will then email you confirmation that we will no longer use your personal info for any purposes besides legal accounting.

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