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Let’s Create A Better Web Experience

I’ve enjoyed the internet ever since the first time I got online using Netscape browser. Remember that one? Very few of you will, but it was a good time. Read this article to learn how you can contribute to a better web for all:


Life Can Be Difficult Sometimes

I’m dealing with some people who just don’t get it. They don’t understand what it takes to live among others peacefully. They lack the mental capacity to wrap their minds around proper social engagement. I’m at a loss for what to do, because to change someone’s behavior, it takes years of therapy, or a downfall. I don’t pray for people to get disciplined in that way just to learn a lesson, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

I pray for the patience it’s going to take to deal with these people. I ask that you pray for me and ask God to put me in a better place.


New Lease on Life! Can’t let anyone bring me down.

I subscribe to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Word of the Day newsletter, and recently I learned about enervate. It means to lower the mental or physical strength of someone with words or actions. I’ve decided to never let anyone enervate me in any way. Back in the day when someone said cruel words to me, I would become angry, sad, or depressed. But not anymore, I have a new lease on life.

Ever since I read the Bible, I have been coping with life on a different level. I encourage you to give it a try, read the whole thing and see if your life changes. Mine has, and I believe yours can too.

So any, I just wanted to let you know what I’m up to, and how I’m dealing with my problems. If you wanna chat just email me and we can pick an app, preferably it’ll be Signal.


A Great Day in Hip-Hop! Eminem drops “Kamikaze”

Oh man, what can I say, I have renewed faith in the rap game. Eminem just might save Hip-Hop from drowning in that repetitive-mumble rap that’s choking the airwaves. It’s because of Eminem’s continuous effort that I have new music that is worth listening to. I have gained a few IQ points just by absorbing this latest offering. The song, “Lucky You,” has introduced me to Joyner Lucas, another artist I will try to listen to more often. Joyner’s flow is comparable to Em’s, and I can see why The Greatest decided to collab with him.

It’s a miracle that Eminem is still able to deliver this high-caliber music at this point in his career. I don’t understand how that new dumbed-down rap is so popular. Am I crazy or something? Nah, I know better than that. I think what happened is that the radio doesn’t wanna promote the real music anymore. They’d rather brainwash their listeners into buying that junk.

I’m glad to see how Eminem has evolved as an artist. I can feel the fire and passion he has for this craft. He can still get very funny with his punch-lines and that puts a smile on my face. I like how he addresses the current state of hip-hop with hard-hitting criticism.

If you are a true fan of rap, then you have to give this album a listen. You’ll thank Em afterwards. All other rappers are just wannabees. An album this heavy puts pressure on up and comers to put in real work. Back to the drawing board for all of y’all.

“Watch me tea bag the mic, cause I go nuts on it” – Eminem


Listen to the whole album:

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More Info About GDPR

Today is the day, and I’m sure a lot of you have been receiving updated privacy and cookie policies from various companies. This is good news because it shows that these companies realize that the way they were abusing our personal info will get them in serious trouble.

I have even come across some websites that show a message saying, “By continuing to use our website you agree to our privacy policy and use of your personal info.”

Are you kidding me? Now thanks to the GDPR, this type of message process is no longer legal. Any website you use MUST get your consent before they store, process, or sell your personal info.

Here are some links with more info:

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Journalists Beware, PGP Email Encryption is Flawed!

Hackers who snoop on network traffic can capture the encrypted emails that you send out. They then modify this email by enclosing the encrypted code in an image tag. When the recipient then opens the email, their client automatically decrypts the message and sends it to the hacker by requesting the image from the malicious url.

Here is the link to the website created to explain everything:

Here is a link to the website announcing the discovery:

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GDPR To Take Effect on May 25th!

Next month the EU’s GDPR law will go into effect, and many companies are updating their privacy policy to prepare for the new regulations. I as a developer have to know this law thoroughly because I don’t want to violate the law and then be held liable for damages. So here are the major points I’ve learned so far:

  • Before collecting a customer’s personal data, you must obtain consent.
  • Personal data includes anything that can be used to identify a user. Such as email and name.
  • In order to obtain consent, your terms of use have to be easily accessible and easy to understand. You cannot hide your terms deep in legal jargon.
  • After obtaining consent, the user must have an easy way to opt-out of your use of their personal data.
  • The user must also have an easy way to download all of the info you have on them, and the ability to delete all of their data from your servers as part of their “Right to be Forgotten.”
  • Once you’ve gotten consent to use a person’s data in a certain way, you then cannot use that same data in a different way. You will have to obtain new consent in order to change the way you use their personal data.
  • Each company will have to appoint an employee to represent them in the EU. This employee will act as the contact for the EU’s DPA (Data Protection Authorities.
  • These DPA’s will have the power to investigate and enforce the GDPR rules on companies operating with user’s personal data.
  • Companies that suffer a breach of their user’s personal data must immediately inform those users that their info was stolen.
  • Both the company collecting personal data, and the third-party that the company is selling your personal data to are legally responsible for any mistakes that are made.

Here are a few links with more info:


Blazor is Microsoft’s implementation of programming WebAssembly with C# and Razor.

Hello everyone, I was looking into WebAssembly and right now they only support C++. But then I found out that ASP.NET is coming up with a solution that will allow me to write the code with C# instead. This is a great feature and I hope it becomes an official product. Right now it is in the experimentation phase so nothing is being promised.

Here are more links:


Katerina Limpitsouni of unDraw release free graphics under the MIT license!

I have found a gold-mine, a treasure trove. It’s a bunch of graphics in SVG and PNG format that I can use in my personal and commercial projects free of charge. All I have to do is include the MIT license in my project.


Katerina Limpitsouni:

Aggelos Gesoulis:


Amazingly Fast and Secure Browser from Avast!

I have just downloaded the Avast Secure Browser today and I have to say, it is sooo much faster than Edge is. I feel like I can actually work more efficiently because I’m not waiting for web pages to load. They just pop up no problem.

I guess the most important features I should tell you about is the Anti-Fingerprinting. This stops websites from identifying you by using your browser settings. A very handy feature because websites are trying to figure out ways to identify you even when you don’t want them to. Very sneaky behavior and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Well anyway, here is the link to download this amazing browser:

Let me know what you think of the improved speed you experience when browsing different websites. Did I mention this browser is amazing? 🙂


CloudFare releases a more secure and faster DNS server network.

Did you know that your ISP logs all your internet activity and then sells that info to advertisers so they can target you with ads? Well now there is a way to help mitigate that by using CloudFare’s new secure and fast DNS server network. You will have to follow the steps to configure use of their network and it’s only a few clicks away. I can say that I have noticed an improvement of loading websites thanks to this service.

Here is a link with more info:

Here is a summary of the service by VentureBeat:


I’ve decided to program a standard Windows.Forms app first.

I figured that since I can’t figure out how to work around the Android Virtual Device Manager bug, I’ll get a head start on the logic of my game by programming it in a platform that works. Windows.Forms!

I’ve got a few features working, like the saving of the user-specified options into their Windows/User folder.

If you would like to sign up to be a beta tester just email me and let me know.


Problems with Android Virtual Device Manager: No system images installed.

Hello everyone, I’ve been having problems with the AVD Manager. It won’t let me create a virtual device using the latest SDK and system image. When I selected Android 8.0 API 26 it displays, “No system images installed”.

It should show me the system images I have installed, but it doesn’t. I have found forums where other users are having similar problems. Most of them solved it by restarting their IDE. But that didn’t work for me, I even restarted my PC.

I found another suggestion that installing ALL the previous SDKs and system images from 4.4 to 8.0 would resolve the issue, but that seems unnecessary. Why would I have to install almost 100GB of data just to run the latest system image in the emulator?

Well, I am going to find another solution cause I don’t want all that data on my hard drive for no reason. There must be another way to get this to work. If you know of a solution please feel free to email me at


The Student Loan Problem, And How Hopefully The Next President Will Fix It.

Reading this article gives me hope, that maybe justice can be served to the students who took on too much debt just to get a college education. We’ve all heard how the loan companies have lied to borrowers just to squeeze them for more money. I pray that the next president will get the job done and once and for all make the system fair for us. Well, at least in regards to the student loan problem.


We Should All Be More Genial!

I subscribe to a word of the day newsletter and recently learned about the word, “Genial.” I wanted to share the definition and make the case as to why we should all be more… genial.

Genial means, to show sympathy and friendliness, and to be seen as a genius.

So why should we show sympathy to the people around us, even to those that don’t like us? Easy, because that person may not know how to be a better person. They might have so much drama in their life, that a break from that madness could really change them. I’m not saying it’ll work all the time, believe me I’ve tried, but at least you are doing something in an effort to make this world a better place.


Journaling Makes Me Feel Better!

I like to write down my thoughts because it helps to organize them. When you are just lost in your head you don’t really have a plan or a destination. But by writing it down, you see how your thoughts start to take form, and you can carry them on into completion. It’s almost like therapy, but cheaper 🤑

My advice to you would be to jot things down before you go to bed to help you sleep at night. Or even during the day when things seem to get hectic. However you do it, as long as it gets done. Do it daily until it becomes a habit and you will feel better about yourself.

Always remember, you can change how you feel about things just by meditating on the problem. We can’t control people’s actions, but we can move on from them that bother us.