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Let’s Create A Better Web Experience

I’ve enjoyed the internet ever since the first time I got online using Netscape browser. Remember that one? Very few of you will, but it was a good time. Read this article to learn how you can contribute to a better web for all:


The Student Loan Problem, And How Hopefully The Next President Will Fix It.

Reading this article gives me hope, that maybe justice can be served to the students who took on too much debt just to get a college education. We’ve all heard how the loan companies have lied to borrowers just to squeeze them for more money. I pray that the next president will get the job done and once and for all make the system fair for us. Well, at least in regards to the student loan problem.


We Should All Be More Genial!

I subscribe to a word of the day newsletter and recently learned about the word, “Genial.” I wanted to share the definition and make the case as to why we should all be more… genial.

Genial means, to show sympathy and friendliness, and to be seen as a genius.

So why should we show sympathy to the people around us, even to those that don’t like us? Easy, because that person may not know how to be a better person. They might have so much drama in their life, that a break from that madness could really change them. I’m not saying it’ll work all the time, believe me I’ve tried, but at least you are doing something in an effort to make this world a better place.


Journaling Makes Me Feel Better!

I like to write down my thoughts because it helps to organize them. When you are just lost in your head you don’t really have a plan or a destination. But by writing it down, you see how your thoughts start to take form, and you can carry them on into completion. It’s almost like therapy, but cheaper 🤑

My advice to you would be to jot things down before you go to bed to help you sleep at night. Or even during the day when things seem to get hectic. However you do it, as long as it gets done. Do it daily until it becomes a habit and you will feel better about yourself.

Always remember, you can change how you feel about things just by meditating on the problem. We can’t control people’s actions, but we can move on from them that bother us.