A Great Day in Hip-Hop! Eminem drops “Kamikaze”

Oh man, what can I say, I have renewed faith in the rap game. Eminem just might save Hip-Hop from drowning in that repetitive-mumble rap that’s choking the airwaves. It’s because of Eminem’s continuous effort that I have new music that is worth listening to. I have gained a few IQ points just by absorbing this latest offering. The song, “Lucky You,” has introduced me to Joyner Lucas, another artist I will try to listen to more often. Joyner’s flow is comparable to Em’s, and I can see why The Greatest decided to collab with him.

It’s a miracle that Eminem is still able to deliver this high-caliber music at this point in his career. I don’t understand how that new dumbed-down rap is so popular. Am I crazy or something? Nah, I know better than that. I think what happened is that the radio doesn’t wanna promote the real music anymore. They’d rather brainwash their listeners into buying that junk.

I’m glad to see how Eminem has evolved as an artist. I can feel the fire and passion he has for this craft. He can still get very funny with his punch-lines and that puts a smile on my face. I like how he addresses the current state of hip-hop with hard-hitting criticism.

If you are a true fan of rap, then you have to give this album a listen. You’ll thank Em afterwards. All other rappers are just wannabees. An album this heavy puts pressure on up and comers to put in real work. Back to the drawing board for all of y’all.

“Watch me tea bag the mic, cause I go nuts on it” – Eminem


Listen to the whole album:

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