Problems with Android Virtual Device Manager: No system images installed.

Hello everyone, I’ve been having problems with the AVD Manager. It won’t let me create a virtual device using the latest SDK and system image. When I selected Android 8.0 API 26 it displays, “No system images installed”.

It should show me the system images I have installed, but it doesn’t. I have found forums where other users are having similar problems. Most of them solved it by restarting their IDE. But that didn’t work for me, I even restarted my PC.

I found another suggestion that installing ALL the previous SDKs and system images from 4.4 to 8.0 would resolve the issue, but that seems unnecessary. Why would I have to install almost 100GB of data just to run the latest system image in the emulator?

Well, I am going to find another solution cause I don’t want all that data on my hard drive for no reason. There must be another way to get this to work. If you know of a solution please feel free to email me at


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